Buy Turks & Caicos Real Estate, Get the Island Lifestyle

If you’re entertaining the idea of buying Turks & Caicos real estate, there are a few obvious factors you’ll consider: the purchasing process, what’s available on the market, trends in property values. But there’s another equally-as-important thing to consider: the Turks & Caicos lifestyle.

Buying property in the Turks & Caicos (and anywhere, for that matter) gets you more than real estate. You’re also buying the lifestyle that comes with owning a home wherever you buy. You already know you want to buy on a gorgeous, tiny island where the weather is warm and ocean views are plentiful. Check and check. But visiting or living here means even more than that. What makes life in the Turks & Caicos so special is the carefree, outdoor lifestyle that comes with it. Extracurricular activities range from boating to kayaking, beach walking to simply lounging in the shade with a refreshing sea breeze—basically a whole lot of time in, on or around the ocean.

Our islands may be small, but there is a world of activities to choose from—and there’s something for everyone. One of our favorite pastimes in the Turks & Caicos? Sailing on the Atabeyra, operated by Sun Charters, preferably with a cold refreshment in hand. This 70-foot former rum runner has been operating as a charter boat on Providenciales for more than 20 years now, and it’s a favorite among the residents here.

You have options when it comes to sailing with Sun Charters, from day trips that take you out snorkeling on our world-famous reef, to sunset sails that offer the most relaxing way to ease into the weekend on a Friday evening. Our sunsets are pretty spectacular, and they’re that much better when you see them from the water.

We sat down with David Douglas, owner (and builder) of the Atabeyra, to talk about how Sun Charters came to be and what it’s like living in the Turks & Caicos.

30 years of sailing in the Turks & Caicos: Meet David Douglas

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