South Caicos

One of the Smallest Islands

South Caicos, one of the smallest islands in the Turks and Caicos archipelago, is known for excellent scuba diving, deep sea fishing and bone fishing. Located south of the Bahamas, north of Dominican Republic, and east of Cuba, South Caicos consists of eight square miles of coral rock.

The former Coast Guard Station and The School For Field Studies is located in the old Admiral’s Arm Inn. Students from abroad come here to study marine and reef ecology.

Cockburn Harbor is a photographer’s delight with an abundance of old buildings, walls and gates, old salt warehouses and many colorful boats of many types docked in the harbor.

South Caicos also known as , “East Habour”, “The Rock” and “Big South” has the most protected and finest natural harbor of all the islands, Cockburn Harbour. It was once a hideout for the infamous Caribbean pirates and bustling port for a thriving salt industry.

At the turn of the century, South Caicos shipped the most salt of the Turks & Caicos Islands. Today, the once famous port and township of Cockburn Harbour makes its living from fishing, conch and lobster.

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