North Caicos

Known in the Past as Garden Island

North Caicos is 41 square miles and is also blessed with the same white sandy beaches as its neighboring islands.

North Caicos boasts the largest flock of pink flamingos in the islands. There are Loyalist plantation ruins, the grandest of which is Wade’s Green. Lucayan artifacts were found in the caves near Sandy Point. Cottage Pond is a large pool of tropical vegetation. There are flocks of flamingos at Flamingo Pond and Mud Hole Pond. You will find ospreys and their nesting sites on the adjacent Three Mary Cays, and a wide variety of other birds on the islands extensive nature reserves and sanctuaries. Iguanas on the nearby East Bays Cays are an outstanding example of the natural diversity of this green island.

Crafts such as straw-work are still practiced on this island which is widely known as the “Breadbasket of the Turks and Caicos Islands” or the “Emerald Isle”.

Fine sloops were built to transport the crops from the extensive farms located close to the settlements of Bottle Creek, Whitby, Sandy Point and Kew to the other islands. Less farming is carried on now-days but the Government farm in Kew still produces tomatoes and cucumbers available on North.


Daily ferry service and boat charters are available making North Caicos easily accessible.

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For Malinda, growing up with her mother and father in North Caicos has given her such a love for this island. From a peaceful school life to living on Iron Shore waterfront property in the settlement of Bottle Creek, she knows the island well. As as child, she explored small bays and islands that are home to beautiful coastal flora as well as numerous shorebirds, flamingos, waders and rock iguanas.

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