Why Turks and Caicos is the Best Place for Retirement or Relocation

The Turks and Caicos Islands is not like many other destinations. This small country offers both the unusual option of either a) retirement or b) raising a family.

Option A: Age gracefully with the tall, deep-rooted palm trees that generously provide shade on a warm afternoon. After enjoying a day of slow-paced activities, like horse-back riding or simply lounging on the white sands, you can return to your lovely abode.  Here luxurious comfort awaits, ocean views are plentiful, and the beach is minutes away. You also have the fringe-benefit of many affordable restaurants on the island, tastes ranging from Caribbean, Italian, French or American, to end your evening with a succulent meal and a refreshing beverage.

Option B: Find the ideal home for raising a family of your own. While you are making a life’s living, your mind is at ease knowing your children are either attending a nurturing daycare or achieving a fine education at one of the many institutions on island. These range from preparatory school to college. There is an array of Caribbean, English or American curriculum taught at respective schools across the islands. Your children will also have the choice of several extracurriculars to engage in to suit or develop their skills: academic, musical, artistic, athletic, or even theatrical. Also, both you and your children have the benefit of living in a friendly, safe, close-knit community.

Prefer to retire in luxurious comfort (or perhaps a small, secluded house) or live in a family home? Whichever option suits you, it is possible here – in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

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